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The scientific workforce plays a vital role in the healthcare system and is supported by the Blood Matters scientist.

Blood Matters aims to:

  • assist with education and resources to support transfusion scientists (with best practice in the areas of blood management)
  • ensure compliance with national guidelines and standards.

On the Bench and Beyond newsletter is published every 3 months, with issues from 2020-2023 available for downloadExternal Link .

Guidelines and standardsExternal Link from the Australian and New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion (ANZSBT), National Blood Authority and others have also been provided.

STOP the waste festive campaign 2023-24

The festive season is fast approaching and once again it is time for us to consider how we can keep blood wastage to a minimum over this period. Donated blood is a precious gift, and we all need to do our part to protect and manage this valuable resource.

Let’s celebrate the donor’s precious gift this festive season.

For more information, see the Blood component wastage page.

On the Bench and Beyond newsletter

National standards and guidelines

Australian and New Zealand Society of Blood Transfusion (ANZSBT)

National Blood Authority



The Blood Matters Program would like to acknowledge everyone who has contributed to the success of the project so far:

  • Health and pathology services throughout Victoria.
  • Department of Health Victoria.
  • Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.
  • South Australian BloodMove Project.
  • BloodSafe.
  • The National Blood Authority.

Some of these strategies on this page are guided by the South Australian BloodMove projectExternal Link and the National Blood Authority Managing blood and blood product inventoryExternal Link .

Reviewed 22 March 2024


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