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  • Class A and Class B cemetery trusts may apply to the department for a cemetery grant.
  • Cemetery grants are intended for use where cemetery trusts do not have funds available for the required expenditure.
  • Cemetery grant applications are assessed twice a year in March and November.

The current cemetery grant round closes on 31 October 2024.

Application process

To apply for a grant, a cemetery trust must submit a completed grant application form before work commences.

The department will not reimburse trusts that have expended funds in anticipation of receipt of a grant.

Applications should include two quotes (GST inclusive) for the proposed expenditure and photos where appropriate. If a trust is unable to obtain two quotes, a written explanation outlining why this is not possible must be submitted with the application.

The trust will be contacted if additional information is required, although this is likely to delay the application. To avoid such delays please read the information requirements carefully.

A selection panel will assess each application against the assessment criteria. Written notification of the outcome of all applications will be provided to the applicable trusts following completion of the assessment process.

Grants received must be spent in accordance with the proposal made in the application.

Unsuccessful applications

Unsuccessful applications may be resubmitted in the next round of grants with updated information and quotes if a cemetery trust wishes to reapply.

Partial grants

Depending on the total funds available for cemetery grants, the department may be unable to grant the full amount requested in an application and may allocate a partial grant.

Trusts that receive partial grants are expected to draw upon their own funds to undertake the proposed expenditure. Top up grants will not be provided for the same proposal in subsequent years.


Approved grant funds will be deposited into a nominated cemetery trust bank account.

Funding conditions

Any grant money transferred to a trust must be spent within six months of allocation and appear in the following year's Abstract of Accounts. If a grant is not expended within six months of receipt, the trust must provide a written explanation to the department explaining the delay and providing a revised completion date.

Trusts must fully account for the grant allocation by advising the department in writing when the grant is spent and providing copies of invoices/receipts as well as photos where appropriate. Trusts that have received a grant in previous years and not provided verification of the expenditure will be ineligible for future grants until the department receives the information.

Reviewed 13 June 2024


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Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Cemetery Sector Governance Support GPO Box 4057, Melbourne , VIC 3001

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