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Sponsorship application information

Department of Health sponsorship of third-party organisations and activities can be an effective way to promote the work being done to improve the health and mental health of Victorians or deliver direct benefits to Victorian communities. 

This sponsorship application information has been produced to help inform potential applicants about the process.


Individual sponsorship applications to the Department of Health (the department) are assessed on their merits, but some categories of organisations and activities are generally considered eligible for department sponsorship; and some are generally considered not eligible.

Eligible organisations and activities

  1. Schools, universities and other tertiary educations institutions and activities that enable, improve or promote health, mental health and wellbeing.
  2. Community and not-for-profit organisations and activities that enable, improve or promote health, mental health and wellbeing, including consumer advocacy groups and peak industry associations.
  3. Organisations and activities that support, facilitate or enhance the health and mental health of priority populations.
  4. Organisations and activities that support, facilitate or enhance the work and priorities of the Department of Health. 
  5. Organisations and activities that promote or strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, even if the organisations or activities are not directly health related.

Ineligible organisations and activities

The Victorian Government Sponsorship Policy (VGSP) states that Government sponsorships cannot include grants, bequests, editorial comment or the sale of advertising space; and that individuals and political parties are not eligible for Government sponsorships.

In addition, the department will not support sponsorship applications from:

  1. Manufacturers, retailers and promoters of tobacco and vaping products, sugary drinks, alcoholic beverages, junk food or formula milk.
  2. Organisations and activities that offer, enable or promote gambling. The Department of Health will only consider sponsorship of sporting organisations that have a responsible gambling code of conduct.
  3. Commercial enterprises, unless compelling extenuating circumstances apply.  
  4. Organisations and activities that have practised or tolerated unfair work practices.  
  5. Organisations and activities that have practised or tolerated unlawful discrimination on the basis of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, ability or any other characteristic.  
  6. Organisations and activities that promote views contrary to an established health or medical evidence-base, in areas including but not limited to climate change, fitness and nutrition, vaccination and fluoridation.

How to apply

Applications for sponsorship from the Department of Health should be submitted using the Sponsorship application form. Please download and complete the form, then email it to

To give your application the best chance of success:


Confirmation that the application form has been received will be sent by reply email within a week. The email will give an estimate of the time needed to assess the application and may ask for further information.

Applications are considered and responded to as quickly as possible but can take up to a month in some cases. The department’s decision will be confirmed in an assessment advice email.

Unsuccessful applications

The assessment advice email will explain why the application was not accepted.

Applicants who can provide new information that addresses one or more of grounds for refusal may request a review within one month of receiving the assessment advice email.

Review requests should be sent to

The review decision is final and no further review requests will be accepted.

Successful applications

The assessment advice email will explain the steps needed to finalise the sponsorship.

Depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the sponsorship budget, the department may wish to set up a meeting or series of meetings to monitor progress.

The parties will sign a department sponsorship agreement or contract that sets out conditions including:

  • That department sponsorship is not a general endorsement of the organisation or its products by government, and must not be promoted or publicised as such.
  • The agreed benefits or outcomes of the sponsorship, and how they will be measured and reported back to the department.
  • How any issues arising from the sponsorship will be managed.

All sponsorships will be evaluated at the conclusion of the agreement to ensure outcomes and learnings are documented and shared, as appropriate. The department may request the applicant provide information to assist in the evaluation process.



Further information

If you have questions or would like further information, please contact

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