Department of Health

In April 2015 Victoria's anti-smoking laws were expanded to cover the entrances to many public buildings in the state.

Smoking is now prohibited, under the Tobacco Act 1987, within four metres of an entrance to the following facilities:

  • all children's indoor play centres
  • all public hospitals
  • all registered community health centres
  • certain Victorian Government buildings, including Parliament, law courts and police stations.

Smoking is also banned within the grounds of, and within four metres of an entrance to, all childcare centres, kindergartens and primary and secondary schools.

Under the new laws, anyone caught smoking within four metres of a building where the ban applies may face an on-the-spot infringement penalty.

'No smoking' signage and resources

'No smoking' signs, posters and factsheets for children's indoor play centres, hospitals, registered community health centres and Victorian Government buildings can be found on the Resources and factsheets page, together with a link to the online order form.

Information on smoke-free building entrances is also available in several languages other than English.

Reviewed 18 February 2024


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