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Rural health regions and locations

Key messages

  • Victoria has many rural and regional health services providing diverse care.
  • There are five rural health regions with 70 rural and regional public health services and hospitals.
  • There are six bush nursing hospitals and 15 bush nursing centres.
  • Aboriginal health services are administered in partnership with the Aboriginal community.

Rural and regional health services are provided across Victoria. Services include public health services and hospitals, Aboriginal health services, community health services, bush nursing centres and bush nursing hospitals.

Health regions

There are five rural health regions, covering hospitals and health services:

  • Barwon South Western
  • Gippsland
  • Grampians
  • Hume
  • Loddon Mallee

Bush nursing hospitals

There are five bush nursing hospitals and one operating as a non-government organisation:

  • Ballan and District Soldiers’ Memorial Bush Nursing Hospital
  • Euroa Health
  • Heyfield Hospital Incorporated
  • Nagambie HealthCare
  • Neerim District Health Service
  • Cobden District Health Services (non-government organisation)

Bush nursing centres

Balmoral Bush Nursing Centre Barwon South Western
Buchan Bush Nursing Centre Gippsland
Cann Valley Bush Nursing Centre Gippsland
Dargo Bush Nursing Centre Gippsland
Dartmoor & District Bush Nursing Centre Barwon South Western
Dingee Bush Nursing Centre Loddon Mallee
Elmhurst Bush Nursing Centre Grampians
Ensay Bush Nursing Centre Gippsland
Gelantipy District Bush Nursing Centre Gippsland
Harrow Bush Nursing Centre Grampians
Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Centre Grampians
Lockington & District Bush Nursing Centre Loddon Mallee
Swifts Creek Bush Nursing Centre Gippsland
Walwa Bush Nursing Centre Hume
Woomelang & District Bush Nursing Centre Grampians

Aboriginal health

Aboriginal health services are provided in partnership with the Aboriginal community and local stakeholders.

Community health services

A broad range of health services are often delivered in community-based settings.

Reviewed 25 October 2023


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