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August 2023

Victoria is one of the greatest places in the world to live, work and play. Victorians are innovative, compassionate, creative and hard-working.

At the Department of Health, we’re focused on supporting Victorians to be as healthy as they can. Whether through alerting them to seasonal risks like thunderstorm asthma, notifying them of contact with communicable diseases, safeguarding their drinking water, developing the best health, wellbeing and care facilities in the world, being at the forefront of mental health and wellbeing treatment or accelerating medical research.

It’s all part of the way we partner with the community to help every individual lead a healthy life.

  • The department acknowledges the strength of Aboriginal people across the Country and the power and resilience that is shared as members of the world’s oldest living culture.

    We acknowledge Aboriginal people as Australia’s First People and recognise the richness and diversity of all Traditional Owners across Victoria.

    We recognise that Aboriginal people in Victoria practice their lore, customs and languages, and nurture Country through their deep spiritual and cultural connections and practices to land and water.

    We are committed to a future based on equality, truth and justice. We acknowledge that the entrenched systemic injustices experienced by Aboriginal people endure and that Victoria’s ongoing treaty and truth-telling processes provide an opportunity to right these wrongs and ensure Aboriginal people have the freedom and power to make the decisions that affect their communities.

    We pay our deepest respect and gratitude to ancestors, Elders, and leaders – past and present. They have paved the way, with strength and fortitude, for our future generations.

Reviewed 03 October 2023

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