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Now is the time for change. Now is the time to build on the successes of the past to continue developing a modern, safe, and sustainable health, wellbeing and care system. We know the challenges: money is tight; climate change is upon us. But we also have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve the health outcomes for today’s Victorians, and those of generations to come.

What value do we put on Victorians’ health? This is a critical question we must answer when designing a system that delivers the most sustainable financial and health outcomes. We need to appropriately balance our delivery of services with an increasing value on outcomes so that we can improve patient care, operational performance and system management.

Switching to a more global viewpoint, we must also address the effect of our health system on the environment. Victoria is home to massive amounts of property, equipment and other carbon emitting assets. We have an enormous scope to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the health, wellbeing and care sector, which will improve population and patient health outcomes, as well as delivering savings and strengthening the financial sustainability of the system.

Energy efficiency, solar projects, reduced electricity consumption and enhanced monitoring will all be key components of reducing our environmental impacts and transitioning to a low carbon health system.

Key deliverables

  • Financial sustainability, operational performance and system management reform
  • Value-based healthcare to deliver the outcomes that matter to people
  • Long-term outcomes-based resourcing for Aboriginal health services
  • Reduced wasteful practices and more energy-efficient precincts to ensure net zero emissions by 2035
  • Adaptable system that is resilient against challenges including climate change and emerging risks


  • Safer digital healthcare program 2023–24
  • New fully electric $900 million Melton Hospital
  • Redevelopment of Thomas Embling Hospital – Stage 3
  • $40 million energy efficiency and solar program for public hospitals
  • VHBA’s Guidelines for sustainability in healthcare capital works
  • Asset renewal grant programs
  • Implementation of the Health and Human Services Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan 2022–2026


Sustainable healthcare

  • Sustainable system and affordable care

Reviewed 20 September 2023

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