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Local communities are the lifeblood of Victoria. They are where we live, learn, love and laugh. And they should also be where we find the health, wellbeing and care services that meet our needs.

We are finding new ways to help Victorians access as many health, wellbeing and care services as possible in their local communities.

At their doorsteps, Victorians will find community-based services, virtual care services and modern, safe facilities that improve access, outcomes, and satisfaction for patients and health workers across the state. Whether in major metropolitan areas or regional and rural towns, this place-based approach links to prevention and early intervention by reducing the chances of untreated health conditions worsening to the point of needing hospital care.

And if they do need to go to hospital, it will be at the right time. They won’t fall through the cracks or wait too long. They’ll move from their community-based services to the appropriate hospital for only as long as necessary, before returning to home and community care.

With rapid and growing technological advances, patients can also access a growing number of services from their own homes. Virtual care, telehealth and other innovations like wearables and home monitoring can overcome geographical inequalities in a state the size of Victoria.

Providing care closer to home will see improved health outcomes for Victorians in their local communities. This ranges from newborns to our elderly, from chronic disease suffers to those contending with addiction and mental health challenges – and everyone in between.

Key deliverables

  • Connected care services and pathways
  • Virtual care, telehealth and other advanced digital models
  • Access for people managing chronic disease
  • Improved outcomes for regional and rural communities


  • Better at Home
  • Priority Primary Care Centres
  • Strengthening mental health and wellbeing community-based services
  • Therapeutic bed-based services
  • Public fertility services
  • Pathways to home
  • GP support
  • Suicide prevention and response
  • Community hospitals
  • Hospital PET scanners
  • Armstrong Creek ambulance station
  • Regional aged care services


Individual experience of care:

  • Accessible care
  • Safe and quality experience of care.

Reviewed 31 August 2023

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