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Our strategic directions state what we are doing to support Victorians to be the healthiest people in the world.

Each strategic direction has deliverables for the four years from 2023–27. We have included initiatives to illustrate what the department is doing, and priority outcomes that we will measure ourselves against.

Together, these can be understood as follows:

  • strategic directions – what we want our health, wellbeing and care system to move towards over the next four years
  • deliverables – what we need to focus on to drive the strategic directions
  • initiatives – what we are doing to achieve the deliverables
  • outcomes – how we measure our success

This section outlines the strategic directions, with an overview of the deliverables, initiatives, and outcomes associated with each strategic direction. It also details principles which underpin how we will undertake all the work in the strategic plan, as well as enablers, which will support the department.


  • The deliverables reflect existing departmental commitments and ministerial priorities.
  • The initiatives do not detail everything the department does, but a small subset of the work the department is doing to pursue each strategic direction.
  • The outcomes are from the Department of Health priority outcomes framework.

Reviewed 20 September 2023

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