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Healthcare innovation never stops. Every treatment, discovery and cure is possible because of the countless days, years and decades that have come before. To innovate is to improve, and every improvement takes us one step closer to our vision of Victorians being the healthiest people in the world.

With people at the centre of everything we do, we will harness advances in science, advanced data and digital technology to continuously improve the quality, appropriateness, accessibility and safety of care.

We are fortunate that some of the world’s leading medical research teams are right here in Victoria. This means we can capitalise on the advances that are being made on our doorstep. We will also scour the globe for the latest and best practice models, and we will be a world leader in medical and broader research.

Our system will have a positive learning culture that encourages applied research and experimentation. It will provide the funds to support this continuous improvement. Victorians who need emergency, urgent care or planned surgery will experience improved care experiences. We’ll accelerate research into precision medicine and preventive health. Women’s health and mental health will receive priority attention in our ongoing pursuit of improvement and excellence.

Innovations in clinical practice will be coupled with capital investment in environments that enable exceptional, more person-centric models of care, particularly for Victorians with chronic conditions. Data and digital infrastructure will also be priority investments that will drive proactive safety interventions, contributing to that all-important objective of prevention and paving the way for seamless, integrated care.

Key deliverables

  • Advanced women’s health outcomes through improved care and access to tailored services throughout women’s lives
  • Advanced data and interoperable digital infrastructure that is person-centric and works across all parts of the health, wellbeing and care system
  • Shared digital infrastructure and advanced data that is person-centric and joined up across all parts of the health, wellbeing and care system
  • Improved outcomes, safety and care experiences for people who need mental health and wellbeing services, emergency and urgent care or planned surgery
  • Accelerated medical research and the translation of research into practice
  • Health environments designed to enable high-quality service delivery and innovative models of care


  • New Arden Hospital and redeveloped RMH Parkvillle
  • Victorian women’s sexual and reproductive health plan 2022-30
  • Research to fight childhood cancer
  • Specialised therapies for rare diseases and cancer
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Locals
  • Mental health crisis and emergency responses


Individual experience of care

  • Accessible care
  • Safe and quality experience of care


  • System that addresses disparities and health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in Victoria.

Reviewed 31 August 2023

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