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Health system design and service planning i needs to both inform and be informed by the complementary service and locality planning which is taking place across local, state and Commonwealth government agencies.

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) have been established across Australia by the Commonwealth government, five in Victoria. Each PHN is involved in assessing local needs and planning primary care service delivery to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical and support services for patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes, and improve the coordination of care to ensure patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

Links to the main planning resources and documents of each PHN in Victoria are provided below.

The Victorian government has also established nine new Regional Partnerships across regional and rural Victoria to give local communities a greater say about what matters to them and ensure their voices reach the heart of government.

Each Regional Partnership is guided by a diverse group of members drawn from local communities, businesses and the three-tiers of government. Members will be engaging with their communities on priorities for their region, building on existing strategies and plans. Priorities will be presented directly to the Victorian Government’s Rural and Regional Ministerial Committee.

Metropolitan Partnerships have also been established to look at the strategic priorities communities across Melbourne have identified themselves and progress them locally as well as through government decision making processes. There will be six Metropolitan Partnerships covering inner metro, inner south-east, western, northern, eastern and southern regions.

Links to the Metropolitan and Regional Partnership sites are provided below.

Needs assessment

PHN Needs Assessment GuideExternal Link

Western Victoria PHN needs assessmentExternal Link

North Western Melbourne PHN community profiles & needs assessmentExternal Link

Eastern Melbourne PHN commissioning & needs assessmentExternal Link and commissioning frameworkExternal Link

South Eastern Melbourne PHN needs assessmentExternal Link

Gippsland PHN needs assessmentExternal Link

Murray PHN needs assessmentExternal Link

PHN profiles

Eastern MelbourneExternal Link

North Western MelbourneExternal Link

South Eastern MelbourneExternal Link

GippslandExternal Link

MurrayExternal Link

Western VictoriaExternal Link

PHN data

Primary Health Networks dataExternal Link

Primary Mental Health Care planning

Primary Mental Health Care Minimum DatasetExternal Link

PHN Mental Health Tools & ResourcesExternal Link

Victorian Government - Metropolitan PartnershipsExternal Link

Regional Development Victoria - Regional PartnershipsExternal Link

Engage Victoria - RegionsExternal Link

Barwon Regional Partnership

Regional Development Victoria - BarwonExternal Link

Engage Victoria - BarwonExternal Link

Central Highlands Regional Partnership

Regional Development Victoria - Central HighlandsExternal Link

Engage Victoria - Central HighlandsExternal Link

Gippsland regional Partnership

Regional Development Victoria - GippslandExternal Link

Engage Victoria - Gippsland Regional PartnershipExternal Link

Goulburn Regional Partnership

Regional Development Victoria - GoulburnExternal Link

Engage Victoria - GoulburnExternal Link

Great South Coast Regional Partnership

Regional Development Victoria - Great South CoastExternal Link

Engage Victoria - Great South CoastExternal Link

Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership

Regional Development Victoria - Loddon CampaspeExternal Link

Engage Victoria - Loddon CampaspeExternal Link

Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Partnership

Regional Development Victoria - MalleeExternal Link

Engage Victoria - MalleeExternal Link

Ovens Murray Regional Partnership

Regional Development Victoria - Ovens MurrayExternal Link

Engage Victoria - Ovens MurrayExternal Link

Regional Development Victoria - Wimmera Southern MalleeExternal Link

Engage Victoria - Wimmera Southern MalleeExternal Link

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