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Improving childhood asthma management in Melbourne's inner west

Melbourne's inner west is benefitting from a health investment of $1.788M over 2 years to help children living with asthma.

The funding:

Key partners in asthma and community care and the Department of Health are working together to:

  • improve the use and understanding of asthma action plans. This will help improve management of a child’s asthma, whether at home, school or in the health care setting. This project is led by Asthma Australia
  • develop high quality, straightforward clinical practice guidelines for childhood asthma. This project is led by the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne
  • develop and promote integrated care pathways. These will provide improved communication about patient care between health providers and support services. This project is led by Safer Care Victoria
  • establish a community of practice that works together to improve childhood asthma. This project is also led by Safer Care Victoria
  • design and deliver an education package to inner west asthma care providers. This will be locally tailored and based on best-practice asthma care. This project is led by National Asthma Council, Australia
  • improve asthma self-management. This includes addressing barriers at the system level, and increasing skills and confidence at the individual level. This project is led by cohealth.

To establish these projects a range of tasks and activities were undertaken including:

  • consultation and stakeholder engagement
  • mapping of the asthma care system in the inner west
  • a needs assessment analysis.

Key organisations and stakeholders participated in this process. These projects were seen as most likely to work together to generate system-wide improvements in the timeframe.

The rollout of these projects by key partners is taking place from mid-2022. Funding, project management coordination and support will be provided by the Department of Health.

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