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For more information, including the consultation paper and process for making a submission, see Reforms to health regulation in Victoria.

Submissions will be accepted until midnight 31 May 2024.

Cooling tower systems are registered and regulated by the Department of Health. This section contains information about Legionella risk management for cooling tower systems and water delivery systems, as well as registration and auditing for cooling tower systems. The information is useful for:

  • cooling tower system managers and operators
  • land owners and property and facility managers
  • hospital and aged care facility engineers
  • car wash operators.

Legionella news

Automatic mutual recognition – RMP Auditors

Automatic mutual recognition (AMR) allows a person who is licenced or registered for an occupation in one jurisdiction to be considered registered to perform the same activities in another jurisdiction, without the need to go through further application processes or pay additional registration fees. Victoria entered the scheme on 1 July 2021. To find out how it will work and who is eligible for AMR, read the information on the AMR page.

Managing the risk of Legionella during COVID-19 response

Cooing tower system

The risk of Legionella growth in cooling towers increases if the system has not been used. Compliance with the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019 ensures cooling tower systems are safe when returning buildings into operation.

Water delivery systems (shower systems)

There is an increased risk of Legionella growth in water delivery systems (e.g. shower systems) if they are not used. It is recommended that showers that have been unused for 7 days or more are flushed before being used. More information on the water delivery page.

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