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Food is a fundamental part of our everyday lives, what we eat plays a significant role in determining our growth and development as children and the health and wellbeing that we experience across our lifespan. Healthy food environments support healthy eating, a healthy workforce and a healthy population.

The Department of Health and Human Services is making it easier for Victorians to identify and choose healthier food and drink options in settings where they learn, live, work, dine and play. The Victorian Government’s mandatory kilojoule labelling scheme and Healthy Choices policy guidelines are helping to better inform Victorians about available food choices and to create health-promoting environments throughout the state.

The Victorian Healthy Eating Enterprise (VHEE) provides a coordinated platform for the Victorian Government to work with local governments, businesses, community health services, academics, health professionals and peak health bodies to build robust food systems, promote healthy eating and increase healthy eating opportunities across Victoria. 


Reviewed 07 October 2015


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