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Good nutrition and physical activity are essential to a person’s health and wellbeing. They help prevent disease and improve quality of life.

To encourage this practice, the Healthy eating and active living team provide advice to shape state and national policies. These create programs and services that:

  • encourage more healthy, fair and sustainable food systems
  • increase active living opportunities across Victoria.

Some of these include:

  • providing more nutrition information to help people make healthy choices. Delivered through kilojoule menu labelling legislation for large fast-food chain stores
  • improving healthy food availability at sport facilities and hospitals through our Healthy choices policy, (and the Victorian Healthy Eating Enterprise)
  • supporting the implementation of similar healthy food policies and guidelines in early years services and schools
  • ensuring the Victorian Government takes the lead in procuring healthier and more sustainable food.

Healthy choices policy guidelines

The Victorian Government is helping to create better health-promoting environments throughout the state, including in schools, hospitals and public spaces.

Healthy choices is the strategy we are using to do this, improving the provision and promoting healthy foods and drinks in places where Victorians spend their time.

Read more about the Healthy choices policy guidelinesExternal Link and how they are being implemented.

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service (HEAS) is delivered by Nutrition Australia Vic Division, with support from the Victorian Government.

It helps organisations to implement Victorian Government healthy food and drink policies such as Healthy choices.

They do this by supporting these organisations to provide and promote healthier foods and drinks through their catering, food outlets and vending.

This includes:

  • early childhood services
  • schools
  • tertiary education
  • workplaces
  • hospitals
  • sport and recreation centres
  • parks.

They also support the food industry, food outlets, caterers, and suppliers.

Visit the Healthy Eating Advisory ServiceExternal Link for more information.

Kilojoule labelling scheme for large chain food businesses and supermarkets

The Victorian Government’s kilojoule labelling scheme requires large chain food businesses and supermarkets (with 50 more stores in Australia and/or 20 stores in Victoria) to display:

• the average kilojoule content of standardised, ready-to-eat, un-prepackaged food and non-alcoholic drinks on menus, food labels and price tags
• the statement 'The average adult daily energy intake is 8,700 kJ' on menus, and on each display cabinet, stand or area.

Find out more about the kilojoule labelling schemeExternal Link .

Reviewed 25 September 2023


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