Department of Health

The Department of Health provides standards, specifications, and data quality processes for various health data collections.

The department undertakes continual updates and improvements to the standards, specifications, and processes. To achieve this, the department will:

  • specify changes to data collections through an annual changes process for each of the main data collections
  • publish data collection manuals
  • publish the HDSS Bulletin to inform stakeholders of current issues
  • monitor compliance and data quality activities to ensure the data collections continue to meet their stated purposes
  • collaborate with vendors of hospital information systems to support their development of systems compliant with data collection.

Reviewed 16 January 2024


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For information and advice about standards, specifications and data quality processes for the VAED, VEMD, ESIS, AIMS, VINAH and VCDC. 

HDSS Helpdesk Department of Health

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