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  • You must be a registered immunisation provider in Victoria to order government funded vaccines.
  • All government funded vaccines are ordered online via OnelinkExternal Link .
  • Immunisation providers must check all vaccines on delivery and store them appropriately.

Registered immunisation providers can order stock of government funded vaccines (vaccines on the National Immunisation Program (NIP) or provided by the Victorian Government) from the Department of Health Immunisation Unit for administration to eligible cohorts.

How to order vaccines

  • Before submitting an order for government-funded vaccines, you need to apply for an account number with the Department of Health. To apply for an account number, providers should submit an application to the department’s Immunisation Unit.

    Application forms for providers are available to download from this page. Processing of new account applications by the Immunisation Unit may take up to four weeks during peak periods of the year. Applications that have not been completed correctly when submitted won’t be approved and a new application will need to be completed.


  • Order your vaccine via OnelinkExternal Link online.

      • Order your vaccine via OnelinkExternal Link online. Contact OnelinkExternal Link for assistance with the online ordering platform.
      • Complete a full stock count of all vaccines before placing an order.
      • Order vaccine stock for one month of use and aim to order once a month, allowing for buffer stock while waiting for delivery.
        During influenza vaccine season (March - June) orders can be placed weekly to assist with storage.
      • The inbuilt monthly suggested order function online will assist you to order appropriately.
      • Do not overstock; aim to maintain air circulation in the vaccine fridge.
      • You will receive a confirmation email after your order is accepted and updates on how it is tracking.

    Allow a minimum of 3 business days (5 to 7 days during influenza vaccine season) for processing and delivery of your vaccine order. Note there are no deliveries to country areas on Mondays.

  • It is the immunisation provider's responsibility to ensure that vaccines are stored appropriately when they are delivered.

    Vaccines must be received by practice staff who are educated in cold chain management.

    For instruction on receiving vaccine and operating the TagAlert® device refer to Cold chain monitoring during vaccine transport. While unpacking the vaccine:

      • Check that the vaccine consignment matches the delivery invoice and the delivery is not damaged. Email Onelink as soon as possible if there is a discrepancy or you have concerns.
      • Minimise the time that the vaccine fridge door is open.
      • Rotate vaccines so that the stock with earlier expiry is used first.
      • Do not remove vaccines from their packets - this protects them from light and temperature fluctuation.

    For detailed information on appropriate storage of vaccines refer to Cold chain management.

  • Complete the Government funded vaccine account change of details formExternal Link to update your account details.

    Changes include:

    • Change of service name
    • Change of phone number
    • Change of generic service email address
    • Change of delivery address
    • Change of nominated responsible practitioner

    Providers are required to notify the Immunisation Unit within five working days of any changes to their account details. Failure to notify the Immunisation Unit will result in an account being suspended.

    Complete the Cold Chain Management eLearning certificate collection formExternal Link to update the nominated Vaccine Coordinator and Back-up Person for your government funded vaccine account and upload their Cold Chain Management – Clinical staff/Vaccine coordinators eLearning module certificate of completion.

Ordering rabies vaccine / immunoglobulin

The department manages orders for rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin. These cannot be ordered online.

Please complete the post-exposure rabies treatment order form or pre-exposure rabies vaccine order form and email to

Download and complete the Patient Held Record form and take this record to each visit for Rabies or Australian Bat Lyssavirus Treatment.

View Rabies clinical information for guidance if required.


Reviewed 01 December 2023


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