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Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) immunisation

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Authorised RSV immunisers in Victoria

Nurse immunisers, pharmacist immunisers, intern pharmacist immunisers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioner (ATSIHP) immunisers in Victoria are authorised to possess and administer Schedule 4 poisons via Secretary Approvals made under the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Regulations 2017.

The RSV vaccine these immunisers are authorised to possess and administer is listed below.

Immuniser Vaccines/therapeutic products approved for use Training, conditions and exclusions Additional training and competency requirements
Nurse immuniser Arexvy (RSV PRE-F3) vaccine for RSV, as recommended by the ATAGI As specified in the Secretary Approval for nurse immunisersNo additional training requirements
Pharmacist immuniser Arexvy (RSV PRE-F3) vaccine for RSV, as recommended by the ATAGI As specified in the Secretary Approval for pharmacist immunisersNo additional training requirements
Intern pharmacist immuniserArexvy (RSV PRE-F3) vaccine for RSV, as recommended by the ATAGIAs specified in the Secretary Approval for intern pharmacist immunisers No additional training requirements
ATSIHP immuniser Arexvy (RSV PRE-F3) vaccine for RSV, as recommended by the ATAGI As specified in the Secretary Approval for ATSIHP immunisersNo additional training requirements

Immunisers must always refer to their relevant Secretary Approval for the conditions associated with administration of the approved Arexvy RSV vaccine.

All immunisers must maintain competence and operate within their individual scope of practice by ensuring that they have the knowledge, skills and currency of practice for all immunisations that they provide.

Clinical recommendations for RSV immunisation

Arexvy is a non-live RSV vaccine registered for use in adults ≥ 60 years.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has made recommendations on the clinical use of Arexvy RSV vaccine for older adults, including:

  • schedule
  • route of administration
  • considerations for special populations
  • co-administration with other vaccines
  • contraindications and precautions.

A new chapter on RSV in the Australian Immunisation Handbook is being prepared and will be available by mid-2024.

Refer to the ATAGI Statement on the Clinical Use of Arexvy vaccine for RSVExternal Link .

Storage, handling and preparation of RSV vaccine

Immunisation providers must store and handle all vaccines according to the National Vaccine Storage Guidelines ‘Strive for 5’.External Link

Adverse Events Following Immunisation

Immunisation providers should report any adverse events following immunisation (AEFI). Find out more about common and rare AEFI following immunisation against Arexvy RSV vaccineExternal Link .

Refer to Adverse Events following Immunisation (AEFI) reporting.

RSV vaccine administration errors

Learn how to avoid vaccine errors and establish practices that can identify report and manager vaccine errors. Refer to Vaccine error management.

Report to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

Providers are encouraged to record all RSV immunisations given on the AIR. Ensure you use the correct name, vaccine code (AREXVY), batch number, vaccine type field (private) and route of administration.

Further information can be found at the Using the Australian Immunisation RegisterExternal Link webpage.

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Reviewed 24 April 2024


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