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About the framework and assessment tool

The integrity governance framework and better practice assessment and reporting tool are resources to assist Victorian public health services in assessing their integrity risks. They are designed to provide guidance on the development of appropriate policies and processes to strengthen integrity culture and reduce the likelihood of fraud and corruption in their organisations.

The development of this framework and assessment tool by the Australian Centre for Healthcare Governance is in response to community expectations that publicly funded health services will use their resources in a responsible and ethical manner. In recent times a number of public and private entities have come under question with regard to their integrity systems and practices, and the health sector has not been exempt.

This framework draws on contemporary risk management and integrity practice and adapts these principles to the health service environment. It uses the three lines of defence model as a systematic and practical approach for addressing fraud and corruption vulnerabilities at frontline staff, management and Board levels.

The assessment and reporting tool provides direction to health services on suggested practice through a simple self-assessment process. The tool focuses on four key organisational domains or ‘pillar’ at risk of integrity breach within a health service:

  • Employment
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Governance.

The assessment tool auto-populates responses on an integrity map to provide an overall view and spread of local integrity controls and systems for health services. The map will provide a snapshot to highlight gaps or vulnerabilities in integrity practice and inform the area of focus and priority for actions to strengthen and embed a positive integrity culture and lift capability to prevent fraud and corruption.

Information about the integrity framework has been provided to all Victorian publicly funded health services outlining the Department's expectation that integrity risks are reviewed on a regular basis and addressed.

Although this framework and assessment tool sets out material of key importance to Victorian public health service boards and management, the boards and management of other public, private and not-for-profit health and community services may also find the material useful.

Reviewed 03 June 2019


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