Department of Health

Department's responsibilities in emergencies

The Department of Health works to minimise the impact of all emergencies on individuals, communities, and the health system, including by:

  • undertaking activities during mitigation, response (including relief) and recovery phases of emergency management
  • planning and preparing for the health response in emergencies, including consequence planning, community preparedness, and capability planning for the health system.
  • providing whole-of-health leadership and direction to plan and prepare for emergencies with major health consequences, including mass casualties
  • providing a State and Regional Health Coordination response during an emergency with major health consequences
  • providing public information and warnings to protect the community during health emergencies.

The department is the Control agency for public health emergencies including:

  • incidents involving biological releases and radioactive materials
  • human disease/epidemics (including mass, rapid onset of human disease from any cause), and food (including retail food)/drinking water contamination

For further information, please see the department’s role statement in the State Emergency Management PlanExternal Link .

Reviewed 17 January 2022


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