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Home and Community Care Program for Younger People

The Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC PYP) supports Victorians from birth to 65 years, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from birth to 50 years if their capacity for independent living is at risk. This may be due to chronic illness, mental health issues, disability or other conditions where they need one-off, intermittent or ongoing support to undertake the activities of daily living.

HACC PYP supports Victorians to optimise their health and wellbeing, while maintaining or regaining their independence to live safely in their homes, and actively participate in their community.

The HACC PYP is funded and managed by the Victorian Department of Health.

Services are delivered through:

  • local councils
  • health services, including registered community health services
  • Aboriginal community-controlled organisations
  • ethno-specific and multicultural organisations
  • a range of other non-government community organisations.

Accessing HACC PYP

Consumers needing support can access HACC PYP directly through 280 providers located across Victoria.

If you are unsure what HACC PYP providers are available for the supports you need, HACC PYP Assessment providers are the gateway to HACC PYP services in your area.

A HACC PYP Assessment provider will gain a broad understanding of your and your carer’s needs (if you have one) to assist you to live at home as independently as possible. Assessment will match you to a local HACC PYP provider delivering the activities matched to your support needs and goals.

A list of HACC PYP Assessment providers in Victoria is provided below with a phone number and email address.

A HACC PYP Provider directory and the activities they deliver is also provided below. This includes a generic email, phone number or address for each provider.

Providers are listed by local government area. If you need to find your local government area you can search on Find your local councilExternal Link .

You can also contact the program area at the Department of Health via email at


HACC PYP Guidelines

The Victorian Department of Health is responsible for funding and administering the HACC PYP.

The Victorian HACC PYP Interim Guidelines inform service providers of their funding, management, reporting and service delivery requirements.


Reviewed 06 December 2023


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