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Priority Primary Care Centres

Priority Primary Care Centres provide GP led care to people who need urgent care, but not an emergency response.

The Victorian Government is establishing 25 Priority Primary Care Centres across the state.

Priority Primary Care Centres (PPCCs) provide GP-led care to people who need urgent care, but not an emergency response. PPCCs partner with emergency departments (EDs). They see people with low acuity conditions such as fractures, burns and mild infections.

The centres are open after hours (up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week), and have diagnostics on site or nearby.

The first 5 PPCCs opened in October and November 2022.

Another 20 centres are commencing operations across Victoria from December 2022. PPCCs have funding until December 2023.

The Victorian Government is working with the Commonwealth to ensure alignment between PPCCs and Urgent Care Centres (UCCs). UCCs are being established by the Commonwealth from 2023.

We are working in partnership with the 6 Victorian Primary Health Networks (PHNs) to commission and establish the 25 PPCCs. This work includes the development of clinical and communications resources to support consistent delivery and promotion of the new services.

Communications resources

These files include approved messaging and collateral for use in stakeholder marketing of local PPCCs:

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