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Smoke-free and vape-free areas

Under Victoria’s Tobacco Act 1987 (the Tobacco Act), smoking and the use of e-cigarettes (vaping) is prohibited in all enclosed workplaces and certain public spaces where members of the public gather.

This is because there may be exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke and the aerosol (vapour) from e-cigarettes.

Smoke-free and vape-free areas

Smoke-free and vape-free areas are important as they:

  • protect the community from exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke, and the aerosol from e-cigarettes
  • make smoking and vaping in the community less acceptable. The less people see smoking and vaping in public places, the less they will think it is okay, and instead, harmful
  • support people who have quit or are trying to quit smoking and vaping.

Amendments to the Tobacco Act have extended the areas where smoking and vaping is banned across Victoria.

Smoke-free and vape-free areas include:

  • outdoor dining areas
  • entrances to:
    • indoor children’s play centres
    • public hospitals and registered community health centres
    • certain Victorian Government buildings
  • the grounds of, and entrances to:
    • childcare centres
    • kindergartens
    • preschools
    • primary and secondary schools
  • outdoor recreational areas, including playground equipment, skate parks and sporting venues during under-age sporting events
  • outdoor areas of public swimming pools
  • patrolled beaches
  • enclosed workplaces such as:
    • enclosed shopping centres
    • enclosed areas of of restaurants, cafes and licensed premises
  • public transport vehicles and areas including:
    • on all trains, trams and buses
    • train stations
    • tram-stop platforms
    • tram and bus shelters
  • under-age music or dance events.

Reviewed 01 December 2022


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