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Smoke-free and vape-free areas

Under Victoria's Tobacco Act 1987 (the Tobacco Act), smoking and the use of e-cigarettes (vaping) is prohibited in all enclosed workplaces and certain public spaces where members of the public gather.

This is because there may be exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke and the aerosol (vapour) from e-cigarettes.

Smoke-free and vape-free areas are important

Smoke-free and vape-free areas are important as they:

  • protect the community from exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke, and the aerosol from e-cigarettes
  • make smoking and vaping in the community less acceptable. The less people see smoking and vaping in public places, the less they will think it is okay, and instead, harmful
  • support people who have quit or are trying to quit smoking and vaping.

Areas where smoking and vaping is banned

Under the Tobacco Act smoking and vaping is banned:

Reviewed 23 February 2024


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