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Community immunisation information

The information on this page is aimed at immunisation providers. If you're looking for immunisation information for yourself, your family or someone you're caring for, visit Better Health Channel. 

Immunisation information on Better Health Channel

Vaccination is offered to infants and children aged 0–4 years of age in Victoria under the National Immunisation Program. Infants and children can receive these free vaccinations at immunisation sessions run by local councils or from a general practitioner.

Key messages

  • The National Immunisation Program (NIP)External Link provides free essential vaccines to protect eligible people against a range of diseases.
  • Additional NIP-funded vaccines are recommended for children with specified medical risk conditions and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.
  • Resources are available to support the development of catch-up vaccination plans for eligible children.
  • Promote Influenza vaccine for all infants and children aged from six months to under five years and children of all ages with medical risk conditions.
  • No Jab, No Play legislation requires children to be up-to-date with immunisations for their age to enrol in early childhood education services.
  • A child must have an immunisation status certificate to enrol in primary school.

Hepatitis B birth dose

The hepatitis B vaccine birth dose can help to protect infants from life-long illness, serious liver disease and liver cancer. View and download the Hepatitis B vaccination at birth fact sheet (multiple translations) or order the free brochure.

Infant and childhood vaccination schedule

Refer to the National Immunisation ProgramExternal Link schedule for the recommended vaccination schedule for infants and young children.

Review the Victorian Immunisation schedule for infants from six months to under 11 months travelling to measles endemic areas.

Catch-up vaccination

Resources are available to support immunisation providers to develop catch-up vaccination plans for infants and young children.

Influenza vaccine

Children younger than 5 years old and children of any age with certain medical conditions, are at higher risk of developing serious Influenza related complications. For more information on the NIP-funded influenza vaccine for all children aged from six months to under five years, and children with medical risk conditions, visit Seasonal influenza vaccine.

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