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Online Cold Chain Management eLearning modules have been developed to assist Victorian immunisation providers with staff education to effectively manage the vaccine cold chain. The modules are available free of charge via the Victorian Immunisation Learning HubExternal Link :

Key messages

  • Cold chain is the system of transporting and storing vaccine within the range of 2°C to 8°C (strive for 5°C - the midway point).
  • A cold chain breach is the exposure of vaccines to light or temperature outside the recommended range of 2°C to 8°C, excluding fluctuations up to 12°C lasting less than 15 minutes.
  • Cold chain breaches must be managed as soon as possible.
  • The National vaccine storage guidelines: Strive for 5External Link applies best practice.
  • Watch the short, animated MVEC video (3:38) - Journey of the cold chain, What is the cold chain?External Link for staff to understand the importance of cold chain and their responsibilities.
  • Access to government-funded vaccines beyond August 2023 will be dependent on completion of the Cold Chain Management eLearning modules:
    • from 1 August 2023, for continued access to government-funded vaccines, at least one nominated staff member responsible for vaccine management and a back-up staff member must successfully complete the training and retain a record of certificates of completion for review when requested by the Department of Health.
    • all staff responsible for cold chain management are encouraged to complete the training
    • complete the training annually, and more frequently, where there have been problems with vaccine storage equipment or cold chain breaches.
  • For all COVID-19 vaccine cold chain breach information and action, see the Victorian COVID-19 vaccination guidelinesExternal Link .

Reviewed 18 May 2023


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