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Liposuction is a service which is regulated in Victoria and can only be performed in a facility registered with the Department of Health. A facility will have been issued with a certificate of registration that includes liposuction as one of its prescribed services. The guideline has been developed by an expert working group and is endorsed by relevant Colleges and organisations.

The Guideline for providers of liposuction, a best practice guideline for clinicians and providers of liposuction in Victoria applies to:

  • all liposuction procedures over 200mls, which are required in Victoria to be performed in a registered facility
  • all facilities and practitioners providing liposuction
  • all forms of liposuction, irrespective of the method used, dry, tumescent, super-wet etc.
  • liposuction regardless of the method of anaesthesia.
  • liposuction performed in conjunction with other procedures.

The Guideline for providers of liposuction – consumer summary is a consumer-friendly version to assist consumers in making an informed decision when seeking this service.

Reviewed 21 September 2022


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