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The Regulations that govern private health facilities in Victoria were changed to ensure better safety and quality of care for patients. The regulations require certain services to be provided in a registered facility. By requiring these procedures to be undertaken in registered facilities, the Department of Health is able to monitor the safety and quality of care being provided.

As of 1 July 2018:

  • All surgery must be conducted in a facility that is registered with the Department of Health. There are many cosmetic procedures that clearly meet the definition of surgery, for example: tummy tucks, implants (such as breast or bicep etc.), breast reduction, labiaplasties, neck lifts, rhinoplasty (nose), vaginoplasties and some eyelid surgeries. If you are unsure about whether a facility is registered, please see the Private hospitals or email
  • It is illegal to perform liposuction in an unregistered facility. (small touch-ups of up to 200ml of lipoaspirate may be removed in facilities that are not registered). Due to the associated health risk, liposuction must be undertaken in a registered facility. The Regulations allow for a very small amount (200ml of lipoaspirate in total) to be removed in unregistered facilities. This allows for small touch ups at post procedure consultations.
  • It is illegal for healthcare providers to administer anaesthesia and IV sedation (as defined) in an unregistered facility. In Victoria, it is illegal to provide anaesthesia in an unregistered facility. Anaesthesia includes anything more than local anaesthetic. This includes intravenous sedation.

To report suspected illegal activity or for further queries regarding liposuction, cosmetic surgery or anaesthesia in Victoria, contact the Private Hospitals Unit via email

Reviewed 08 September 2023


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