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The Victorian health services Performance Monitoring Framework (the Framework) articulates the Government's performance monitoring of our Victorian public health services and hospitals. The Framework promotes transparency and shared accountability for performance improvement across the system and helps inform future policy and planning strategies.

The Framework describes the contextual, strategic and operational aspects of monitoring and improving health services' performance. It also describes the various roles the Department of Health and Human Services (the department), Safer Care Victoria (SCV) and the Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) have in building, designing and monitoring best practice indicators to assist with the implementation of health services' performance strategies.

The Framework was extensively revised following the Review of hospital safety and quality assurance in Victoria (Targeting Zero). The 2019-20 Framework builds on this foundation with this year's changes strengthening the monitoring of health service performance in Victoria, ultimately assisting our health services in continuing to deliver safe, high-quality care and experiences to Victorians.

Performance monitoring of Victorian health services involves a process of continual improvement to ensure that measurements are relevant to both system managers and health services, while remaining aligned to contemporary methods of service delivery. Looking beyond current practices and identifying opportunities for future improvement is a key component of this process.

Key changes for 2019-20

The overall risk-based approach of the Framework remains unchanged and builds on the progress made in 2017 and 2018. It retains the emphasis on four domains of performance: high quality and safe care; strong governance, leadership and culture; timely access to care; and effective financial management.

The Framework in 2019-20 will be published as two interconnected but separate documents as follows:

  1. Framework - outlines the department's risk-based approach and
  2. Key Performance Measures and Underlying Risk Factors (the Business Rules).

The Business Rules were previously 'Part 2: Indicators Business Rules' of the 2018-19 Framework. The Business Rules contain the list of Key Performance Measures and Underlying Risk Factors, as well as their temporal elements and technical specifications, that support the Framework.

This change allows for amendment of the indicators and metrics that support the Framework, as and when necessary, throughout the year. This adjustment reflects a simpler and more flexible approach to performance monitoring.

A summary of the 2019-20 changes to the Key Performance Measures and Underlying Risk Factors are located at the front of the Business Rules. The Business Rules are available from Downloads on this page.

One significant change in 2019-20 is the creation of a pipeline of indicator development. Indicators proposed for incorporation in the Business Rules will now be shadowed for a period, prior to a decision being made as to their formal inclusion. These 'shadow indicators' will be reported alongside the current indicators in the Business Rules, although will not impact performance monitoring level. This allows the department, SCV, VAHI and health services to assess an indicator's performance and suitability, and whether it should be formally included in the Business Rules that support the Framework.

We continue to learn from the experience of implementing the Framework, leading to improvements in the performance monitoring process, and greater clarity about the roles and responsibilities of health services, the department, SCV and VAHI.

Reviewed 14 August 2019


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