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The Victorian Government is committed to:

  • responding to the changing demographic profile of Victoria, understanding its impacts and maximising the opportunities of an ageing population
  • supporting older Victorians’ ability to age well across three main areas: health and wellbeing, disadvantage and social participation
  • improving access and quality of service responses for our diverse older population

Aged care services and information for older people in Victoria

The Victorian Government’s aged care agenda supports policy, programs and services to meet the needs of an increasing number of older Victorians. This includes optimising health and wellbeing, increasing social participation, and improving the access and quality of service responses for our diverse older population.

The government supports programs and services that assist older people to remain living independently in their own homes for as long as possible and maximise healthy ageing. The government also provides support for people with dementia and people in care relationships.

For people who are no longer able to remain living independently at home, the government is committed to ensuring access to high quality residential aged care services is available for Victorians. Public sector health services often provide residential care in locations where demand is insufficient to attract non-government providers and for people with complex needs. Older Victorians can access other supported accommodation options such as supported residential services, which are registered and monitored by the government. The government also provides support for older people who are homeless or living in low-cost or insecure accommodation.

The government is committed to promoting an age-friendly Victoria in which people can enjoy social and economic participation in their community, age with dignity, and have their rights respected and upheld.

On the Ageing and Aged Care pages, health professionals will find information relating to the department’s policy and programs for older people, as well as resources for health professionals to provide to their clients.

Reviewed 30 December 2021


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