Department of Health

Health system design, service and infrastructure planning

In 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services adopted a new framework for health system design, service and infrastructure planning. This new framework aims to strengthen the system design and planning process as an instrument of health policy, strategic direction and system management.

From January 2016, the new Framework will be delivered through the following major pieces of work:

  • A new Statewide Service and Infrastructure Plan for the Victorian health system.
  • A series of supporting design, service and infrastructure plans for the major service streams within the health system, such as cardiac, emergency care, stroke and surgery services.
  • A suite of enabling projects, such as guidelines for health service planning and data and analytics.

Under the Statewide Design, Service & Infrastructure Plan, we will work with health and community services, local government and primary health networks to foster better, joined up planning for the health and care needs of local communities.

Reviewed 21 September 2023


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