Department of Health

Design, service and infrastructure plan for Victoria's cardiac system

Priorities for system reform

  • Better patient access, experience and outcomes
  • A Coordinated cardiac system of care
  • Effective and innovative cardiac services

The Design, service and infrastructure plan for Victoria’s cardiac system, released in May 2016, provides a clear picture of the future of the cardiac system of care across the state. It proposes continuing reform to ensure people with heart disease achieve the best possible outcomes, with a health system that is efficient and of high quality.

The vision of the cardiac plan is improved care and outcomes for Victorians with, or at risk of, heart disease, which means person-centred care from early diagnosis of heart disease in the community to end of life care. This will be supported through developing new models of clinical engagement that promote collaboration, and through encouraging health service partnerships and relationships based on the needs of patients. The future cardiac system of care will be viewed and supported as a system, rather than a collection of individual agencies. This will support a more area-based service approach to better address the access needs of vulnerable groups and areas of disadvantage.

The plan builds on the evolution of the cardiac system outlined in Heart Health: improved services and better outcomes for Victoriansreleased in 2014, and recognises the opportunity for system improvement presented by the government’s commitment to build a stand-alone cardiac centre of excellence – the Victorian Heart Hospital.


Date published
05 May 2016

Reviewed 12 December 2023

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