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Medical Equipment Asset Management Framework

The Medical equipment asset management framework presents the foundation business practice to plan and manage medical equipment to achieve efficient, effective and safe service operation of medical equipment.

Based on the asset lifecycle (record and maintain asset information > plan > acquire > operate > dispose), the framework will assist health services manage their assets. The framework:

  • supports risk management and financial planning using a consistent and structured approach
  • informs preparation of asset management plans (medical equipment and other assets)
  • positions health services to best plan, acquire, operate and dispose of medical equipment

The practices applied in the framework can be generally applied to all asset classes.

The framework comprises two parts:

  • Part A has key features for management.
  • Part B has details for users, practitioners and decision-makers.

The framework is supported by a companion Part C document that contains web-based tools, information sheets, templates, checklists, and packages to assist the framework implementation.

Life Cycle Costing template

The Life Cycle Costing template has been developed to identify the costs associated with a piece of equipment over its useful life. These costs may be funded from a number of different funding sources.


Date published
13 May 2014
Part A and B - 78 pages Part C - 78 pages Life Cycle Costing template - 9 sheets
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Reviewed 15 May 2022

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