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In December 2022 the Victorian Government made an election commitment to undertake a review of non-emergency patient transport. This page will be regularly updated with information on the review as it progresses, including the review's terms of reference, discussion paper and public submission process.

Non-emergency patient transport review discussion paper and submissions

A discussion paper supporting the non-emergency patient transport review was published on 31 May 2023. The discussion paper outlines existing arrangements, performance, key challenges, and options for sector reform. Public submissions are invited in response to the paper and key questions are included throughout the paper to guide contributions.

Submissions should be returned to and will be received until close of business 14 July 2023.

Please advise at the time of submission whether you give permission to the Department of Health to publish your submission, or quote from it in the final report and/or any products related to the review.

Submissions responding to the discussion paper, alongside wider consultation and commissioned technical advice, will inform the final review report and recommendations.

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Review - Consultation Plan

The Non-Emergency Patient Transport Review will be guided by conversations with the sector and those who interact with it, including NEPT staff and providers, AV, health services, industrial partners, peak bodies, and most importantly Victorians who use NEPT services.

The following consultation summary provides an overview of planned engagement over the course of the review and the mechanisms for this engagement.

Establishment phase


Ahead of the consultation, written engagement with sector stakeholders will take place to:

  • Introduce the review
  • Share the terms of reference
  • Invite contributions during the consultation period

Consultation period


1. A discussion paper will be published at the start of the consultation period to guide sector feedback and invite responses to a number of consultation questions

2. Roundtables with sector stakeholders will take place over the consultation period to provide a further opportunity for discussion

Report development

(July –December)

After the consultation period written engagement with sector stakeholders will provide an overview of next steps including the development of the final review report which will be submitted to the Victorian Government by December 2023

Engagement with industry experts and other jurisdictions will take place throughout the review period.

The consultation plan involves the following stakeholder groups:

  • Ambulance Victoria (AV)
  • Emergency Services Tele-communications Authority (ESTA)
  • Public health services (supported by Victorian Healthcare Association)
  • HealthShare Victoria and relevant reference groups
  • Industrial partners
  • NEPT providers
  • NEPT workforce (private provider and AV employees)
  • Patients and carers (supported by the Health Issues Centre)

For further information on health service engagement please contact the Victorian Healthcare Association:

For further information on patient and carer engagement opportunities please contact the Health Issues Centre:

Queries for the review lead and Department of Health should be directed to the review secretariat at:

Non-emergency patient transport review terms of reference

On 14 April 2023, the Victorian Government released the terms of reference for a review of non-emergency patient transport services in Victoria.

In addition to considering procurement arrangements, the review will also assess timeliness of services, how to make the best use of workforce skills, tackle fragmentation, support financial sustainability and explore ways to connect Victorians to the right transport.

This expanded review scope will allow for a more comprehensive look at what is needed to ensure these services meet the needs of the Victoria community both now and into the future.

The review will be led by Member for Melton Steve McGhie, with a final report to be presented to the government for consideration by the end of 2023.

The review will be guided by conversations with the sector and those who interact with it, including NEPT staff and providers, AV, health services, industrial partners, peak bodies, and most importantly Victorians who use NEPT services.

The review will:

  1. Review the performance of non-emergency patient transport services (NEPT) in Victoria, defined as the timeliness, efficiency, safety and quality of public and private NEPT delivered for public health services, public hospitals and Ambulance Victoria.
  2. Commission and oversee independent expert contractors to analyse and compare the total costs, benefits, feasibility, financial sustainability and broader workforce and community impacts of potential alternative procurement strategies, including (but not limited to):
    1. Revising current procurement arrangements to reduce fragmentation, increase operational flexibility and improve workforce pay and conditions.
    2. Replacing current procurement arrangements with an in-sourced delivery model, such as bringing NEPT services within Ambulance Victoria, or within an alternative or new public provider.
  3. Identify further strategies beyond procurement to improve sector performance, including by improving route efficiency and resource allocation, reviewing clinical practice protocols, supporting appropriate service use, more fully leveraging workforce skills, and better aligning supply with demand.
  4. Consider how the Department of Health can best use its governance, planning, regulatory and commissioning levers to optimize the performance of the NEPT sector.
  5. Develop recommendations on how to optimise performance by the NEPT sector in the short-term, and how to position it to better meet the needs of the Victorian community in the future.
  6. Release an early discussion paper and call for public submissions from stakeholders responding to these issues.
  7. Provide regular progress updates and a final report by the end of December 2023 to the Minister for Ambulance Services.

Guiding principles

In conducting the review, consultation with a range of stakeholders, including but not limited to patients, carers and community representatives; workforce representatives will be undertaken. This includes relevant unions; staff of public health services and public hospitals; Ambulance Victoria and NEPT providers. The review’s recommendations will endeavour to achieve practical, prioritized, efficient and sustainable outcomes that enhance the lives of people who currently (or in future will) use Victoria’s public health system.

NEPT review sector communications

Reviewed 19 December 2023


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