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Victorian Population Health Survey 2020 findings released - see the VPHS 2020 page to view the results.

The Department of Health collects information about the health status of the Victorian population to inform policy development and assist planning efforts to improve health services. The information collected is used to check and keep a continuous record on the health of the population.

The department undertakes a variety of health intelligence activities, including:

  • Victorian Population Health Survey reports
  • Victorian Health Monitor reports
  • Victorian Population Health Survey of People with an Intellectual Disability
  • The Health and Wellbeing of Aboriginal Victorians: Victorian Population Health Survey 2008 supplementary report
  • Victorian Health Information Surveillance System
  • Heat Health Information Surveillance System
  • Victorian Health Status Atlas
  • Your Health report series: The legislative requirement for the Victorian Chief Health Officer to report biennially on the health of the Victorian population
  • Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions study
  • Avoidable mortality studies
  • Burden of disease research
  • Provision of epidemiological and statistical support to other units in the Department of Health and Human Services.

Reviewed 18 November 2021


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