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Child Development Information System

Child Development Information System (CDIS) makes the delivery of healthcare more effective and efficient – by improving safety and outcomes, expediting service delivery, maximising health care provider utilisation, and keeping costs under control, by eliminating duplicate data entry and other significant redundancies.

The system was built as part of an integrated health care solution, the Electronic Knowledge and Information Data System (eKIDS), which is interoperable with legacy and future applications. Additionally, CDIS can easily be tailored to fit your information requirements and workflow preferences.

Within a reliable and secure centralised database, functionality includes:

  • tracking client activity
  • service and history recording
  • referral workflow
  • appointment and clinical availability scheduling
  • clinical assessment
  • treatment and review
  • detailed reporting.

CDIS is compatible with existing technology and infrastructure, streamlines data collection, includes flexible reporting, and enables enhanced communication between key stakeholders and healthcare professionals, leading to happier and healthier families.

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CDIS Problems and Support

CDIS problems or issues can be reported by telephone: 1300 856 183 and (business hours Monday -Friday)

Webinar series

1. Introduction

  • Calendar overview
  • Home page
  • Duplicate tab
  • Back arrow
  • Refresh
  • CDIS HelpDesk Portal
  • Calendar icons
  • Create non-client appointment
  • Pending consultation report.

2. Search for a client

  • State and local search
  • How to search: name. mobile, ID, address
  • Advanced search option
  • Select client
  • If client not found.

3. Create client appointment

  • Make appointment from calendar
  • Make appointment from client screen.

4. Overview of a client history

  • Client summary page: Update details
  • Client consent: Victorian MCH Service
  • Client relationships: Add/Create
  • Alerts/Flags
  • History & notes.

5. Consultation

  • Commencing consultations
  • Growth details & history
  • Nutrition & history
  • Family health & wellbeing
  • Assessments: KAS & additional assessments
  • Counselling: Child and family/mother reasons
  • Recommended contacts
  • Notes: Documentation
  • Outcomes: Only for Enhanced MCH Service
  • Saving consultations: Draft and save.

7. External referral

  • Creating an external referral from within consultation
  • Creating an external referral from child history.

8. Miscellaneous

  • Did Not Attend from Calendar
  • Telephone consultation
  • Client Not Present
  • Add attachment
  • MCH CDIS processes
  • How to open a duplicate tab.

9. Birth notices

  • Creating a new client history from Birth Notices received.

10. Offer of a home visit

  • Birth notification visit
  • Offer of home visit
  • Pre-home visit safety assessment.

11. Create client record

  • State search
  • Creating new client record when client born ineterstate, overseas or transferring in from non-CDIS council.

12. Transfer

  • Transfer process in from a CDIs council
  • Changing internal sites
  • Open/change/close process when client moves interstate/overseas or to a non-CDIs council.

13. Stillborn

  • All processes required to accurately document a stillborn baby.

14. Universal Active List

  • Viewing active list by site for list of overdue KAS consults.

15. Groups

  • Adding new group dates
  • Manage groups to add facilitators
  • Adding clients to waitlist or directly to group
  • Documenting attendance, individual observations and group notes.

16. Enhanced Maternal and Child Health (EMCH)

  • Referring the PCG to EMCH service
  • Assigning EMCH referral to a clinician
  • Adding children to EMCH program
  • Scheduling appointments in EMCH
  • EMCH closure.

17. Out of Home Care Program

  • Adding clients to Out of Home Care Program through the Internal Referral
  • Accepting the Out of Home Care Internal Referral

Reviewed 21 January 2022


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Maternal and Child Health Service The Maternal and Child Health and Parenting Unit manages the MCH Service in Victoria.

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