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The Child Development Information System (CDIS) is a computer application that makes the delivery of healthcare more effective and efficient.

It does this by:

  • improving safety and outcomes
  • expediting service delivery
  • maximising health care provider utilisation
  • keeping costs under control, by eliminating duplicate data entry and other significant redundancies.

About the system

The system was built as part of an integrated health care solution, the Electronic Knowledge and Information Data System (eKIDS).

The CDIS works with both outdated and new applications and can be tailored to fit your information requirements and workflow preferences.

Within a reliable and secure centralised database, functionality includes:

  • tracking client activity
  • service and history recording
  • referral workflow
  • appointment and clinical availability scheduling
  • clinical assessment
  • treatment and review
  • detailed reporting.

CDIS is compatible with existing technology and infrastructure, streamlines data collection, includes flexible reporting, and enables enhanced communication between key stakeholders and healthcare professionals, leading to happier and healthier families.This leads to happier and healthier families.

Login to CDIS

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CDIS Problems and Support

CDIS problems or issues can be reported by telephone 1300 856 183 and (business hours Monday-Friday).

Reviewed 28 April 2023


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Maternal and Child Health and Parenting Department of Health

CDIS Helpdesk The CDIS helpdesk operates between 8:30am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday (weekends and public holidays excepted). Any messages or emails received outside of these hours will be attended to as soon as the business day commences.

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