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Aquatic facilities in Victoria

Public aquatic facilities include swimming pools, spa pools and interactive water features.

Public aquatic facilities are important for maintaining and promoting active lifestyles and providing health benefits.

However, if aquatic facilities are not properly managed, the health of bathers may be put at risk. Bathers can be affected by disease-causing microorganisms (pathogens) that are passed on through contaminated pool water, contaminated surfaces or person-to-person contact.

This is particularly relevant for vulnerable groups in our community such as young children, the elderly and people with low immunity.

About the regulations

Public aquatic facilities are regulated under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019. The regulations outline registration requirements, general duties of aquatic facility operators, the minimum water quality requirements for aquatic facilities, response procedures for non-compliant water quality, requirements for aquatic facilities suspected or implicated as a source of infection and record-keeping.

Reviewed 11 March 2023


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