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Policy and Funding Guidelines

The Policy and Funding Guidelines represent the system-wide terms and conditions for government-funded healthcare organisations.

It includes, but is not limited to:

  • health services and hospitals
  • community service organisations
  • other funded organisations such as Ambulance Victoria.

The guidelines:

  • are relevant to all funded organisations
  • reflect the Department of Health’s role as the system steward
  • provide operational and service delivery policy changes, and outline contractual, statutory, and other duties and requirements
  • underpin the department’s individual contracts with funded organisations (including, but not limited to, the Statement of Priorities)
  • detail the budgetary landscape, including funding and pricing arrangements as well as funded activity and targets
  • consist of the following two separate, although interconnected, publications.

Policy Guide

The Policy Guide provides detailed information on various operational and service delivery policy items.

This includes:

  • the conditions within funded organisations operate
  • obligations, standards and requirements to which funded organisations are expected to adhere.

Part 1: Operational and Service Delivery Policy

Part 1 is not intended to be a complete, holistic guide to operational and service delivery policy in Victoria. Instead it provides health services with new policy changes for a range of delivered services.

Part 2: Obligations, Standards and Requirements

Outlines the standards and obligations to which funded organisations must adhere. This ensures the delivery of safe, high-quality services and responsible financial management. Download a copy of the policy below:

Funding Rules

The Funding Rules cover the budgetary and funding parameters which funded organisations are expected to work.

Part 1: Budgetary Landscape and Pricing Arrangements

Details the budget highlights and outputs, and funding and pricing arrangements.

Part 2: Funding and Activity Levels

Provides funding and activity tables that detail the modelled budgets, as well as targets for a range of programs across the health system.
Download a copy of the funding rules below:


Reviewed 08 March 2024


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