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HealthCollect is a secure online system used by the Department of Health & Human Services to collect data from, and distribute information, to health services. The HealthCollect portal uses a service and component-based architecture to support a wide range of data collections and applications. 

HealthCollect also provides addresses and contact information for Victoria's metropolitan and rural hospital and health services locations, and information about Admitted Patient Entry and Transmission (APET) system.

Admitted Patient Entry and Transmission (APET)

Hospitals that require a simple data entry system to transmit data to the Victorian Admitted Episode Dataset (VAED) can use the Admitted Patient Entry and Transmission (APET) software.

APET uses a combination of free-text fields and drop-down menus which include relevant VAED code sets.

For further information on the APET system, please refer to Section 9 of the VAED Manual.

HealthCollect portal access

If you are a new user, to request access complete the HealthCollect portal user request form.
If you are an existing user, log in to the HealthCollect portal.


Reviewed 07 April 2022


Contact details

For information and advice about standards, specifications and data quality processes for the VAED, VEMD, ESIS, AIMS, VINAH, F1 and VCDC. 

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