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Each year the Department of Health reviews the data elements and format of its key health services data collections.

This review - the annual change process - seeks to ensure that health data collected in Victoria:

  • supports the department's state and national reporting obligations
  • assists planning and policy development
  • reflects changes in hospital funding and service provision arrangements for the coming financial year
  • incorporates appropriate feedback from data providers on improvements.

The annual change process is managed by the Health Services Data and is governed by the Department's Annual Changes Governance Committee (ACGC).

The annual change process

  1. The first step is a call for proposals. Submitted proposals undergo an initial review by departmental staff to ensure quality and completeness of the documentation, prior to submission to the ACGC.
  2. Each proposal is assessed against a set of best practice and standard information management principles.
  3. Following initial consideration by the ACGC, and any resulting amendment to the documents, all accepted proposals are compiled into a proposals document - one for each data collection.
  4. The proposals documents are distributed to Victorian hospitals, patient management system suppliers known to have Victorian clients, and to a range of industry bodies (through the HDSS distribution list),
  5. The proposals documents outline the proposed changes to each data collection and are used to stimulate discussion within the health industry.

Annual changes are approved by the Deputy Secretary, Commissioning and System Improvement based upon recommendations by the ACGC.

The approved changes are documented as specifications for revisions and are distributed (through the HDSS distribution list) no later than 31 December each year for implementation by 1 July of the following year. The specification documents are published by mid-January each year. You can find out more by downloading the following documents:

Notification of any additional changes is published in the HDSS Bulletin.

Specifications for revisions to data collections for 2024-25

Annual changes 2024-25 proposals


For last year's revision, visit Annual changes archive.

Reviewed 31 January 2024


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