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The Blood Matters Program is a Victorian Government Program run in collaboration with the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

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The Blood Matters program is underpinned by the Department’s values, vision, and priorities. Read more about the priorities on the Our priorities page.

The program aims to support best practice in all areas related to blood management safety and governance.

The content of these pages is intended for use by health care staff; clinical, quality, and scientific.

What's new

  • Blood Matters has developed a document comparing the new four factor prothrombin complex concentrate Beriplex with the soon to be discontinued three factor prothrombin complex concentrate.

    Find the document under the heading 'Prescribing and administering blood and blood products 7.6' on the Prescribing and clinical use of blood products page.

  • Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) audit report is now available to download from the audit reports page.

    • The Blood Matters audit in 2023 was on the appropriate use of Fresh Frozen Plasma in adult patients.
    • The audit was developed in conjunction with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood and the National Blood Transfusion Committee.
  • The indications for the use of O RhD negative red blood cells is the Blood Matters audit for 2024. Instructions for the audit and the audit tool are available on the Blood Matters audits page.

  • The February edition of the Blood Matters Bench and Beyond newsletter is now available on the Transfusion science and blood stewardship page.

  • An easy to follow poster explaining the 30 minute 4 hour rule for fresh blood components is available to download at Prescribing and clinical use of blood and blood products.

  • The Serious Transfusion Incident Reporting system 2021-22 annual report and summary report are now available.

    Visit the Serious Transfusion Incident Reporting system page for more information.

  • Australian Red Cross Lifeblood’s Transfusion Practitioner microcredentialsExternal Link are designed to build and support knowledge of safe transfusion practice and offer a certification of assessed learning.

    There are three modules currently available with each one tailored to suit the needs of healthcare professionals in developing or improving knowledge in the transfusion practice setting.

    • Module 1: Transfusion practitioner role
    • Module 2: Blood physiology
    • Module 3: Blood components

    Additional modules looking at the decision to transfuse and consent, blood administration and transfusion adverse events, will be released in the coming months.

  • There is a potential for issuing and administration errors due to the new look-alike, sound-alike IVIg and SCIg products. Download the safety alert for more information or to distribute to relevant areas.

Reviewed 18 June 2024


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