Department of Health

Blood Matters has developed audit tools and facilitated many audits addressing topical issues, including audits of blood use, acute transfusion reaction management, consent for blood transfusion, policy, procedure and administrative practices, and anaemia assessment.

On completion of these audits, Blood Matters analyses the data and disseminates the findings across the sector to raise awareness, influence practice, promote efficiencies, and provide value. Completed audits can assist health services to update and improve their own policies and procedures to ensure best practice.

Audit reports are located on this page.

Audit tools remain available for health services’ internal use to re-audit. Archived audits are available upon request.

Blood Matters have developed data collection templates to assist health services when collecting data on documentation and appropriateness of transfusion. These templates are located on this page and allow data to be presented graphically. Populated examples are included for review.

Reviewed 27 October 2021


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