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Importance of Blood Matters audit reports

The audit reports provide a detailed analysis of the data collected through the audits and surveys coordinated by Blood Matters.

They provide health services with the opportunity to benchmark their own processes and practices. They are listed by release date.

List of audit reports


  • The appropriate use of fresh frozen plasma (FFP), in accordance with the National Blood Authority Patient Blood Management Guidelines and Australian Rd Cross Lifeblood (Lifeblood)
  • The audit tool was developed in conjunction with Lifeblood


  • Blood transfusion consent audit report: This audit was conducted in 2 parts in 2022:
    • Part A was a consent policy review
    • Part B was retrospective medical record audit of up to 30 patients who had received a blood component transfusion. Download these below:
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Audit Report: A survey on the implementation and the use of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) specific to blood management and transfusion practice report. Download these below:


2020 - Perioperative anaemia assessment and management in elective surgical procedures - preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative
2020 - Preoperative anaemia assessment and management in elective surgical procedures survey report


  • General practice audit of preoperative anaemia report 2019
  • Blood sampling volume audit report 2019
  • Minimal blood sampling 2019 at a glance




Reviewed 28 May 2024


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