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This page lists contact details for Blood Matters staff, and for Victorian and interstate transfusion nurses, trainers, safety officers and quality officers.

The Subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIg) community of practice contacts are included on the email contact list.

For group network emails please use the email list under Health service and SCIg contacts.

Health service blood management and SCIg contacts

A list of names and email addresses of the relevant health service contacts for the Blood Management Standard and subcutaneous immunoglobulin programs.

Blood Matters Program team

Contact details for the Blood Matters Program team;

Contact Email Contact phone
Linley Bielby, Program Manager Phone: 03 9694 0102
Mobile: 0412 035 410
Chris Akers, Transfusion Nurse Phone: 03 9694 3523
Mobile: 0417 388 996
Kaylene Bastin, Patient Blood Management Education Coordinator Phone: 03 9694 3515
Mobile: 0417 144 483
Bridget Glazebrook, Data and Information Management Officer Phone: 03 9694 0261
Peter Beard, Data and Information Management Officer Phone: 03 9694 0261
Raewyn French, Blood Matters Scientist Phone: 03 9694 3524
Anne Graham, Project Nurse Phone: 03 9694 0126

Lifeblood transfusion nurse contacts

Tamla Tait and Tatum Nitsis
Australian Red Cross Lifeblood (formerly Blood Service)Vic/Tas
Phone: 03 9694 0201 or 03 9694 0171

Reviewed 20 September 2023


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