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The Blood Matters team has compiled information, tools, links and resources to support the implementation of ISBT 128 labelling changes. These resources will assist health services increase awareness of what the changes means at the bedside.

Pack check at the bedside

This presentation Pack checking at the bedside with the new ISBT 128 barcodes is intended to be used as an educational tool within health services and can be edited to include information specific to individual organisations.

Compare the pair poster

Blood Matters developed a Compare the pair! resources to compare the old vs new blood component labels. These are available as posters for wards and swing tags to attach to the blood bags.

Blood Service posters, flyers and sample labels

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service website Link has links to posters, flyers and eLearning information and resources for health care professionals:

Sample ISBT 128 labels for education purposes may also be requested.

To request posters and sample labels and any queries, please contact the Australian Red Cross Blood Service's ISBT128 team via email:

Reviewed 07 March 2022


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