Department of Health

Community priorities

  • Keep people healthy and safe in the community – Making it easier for Victorians to stay well and get the health care they need in their communities, keeping hospitals free for emergencies.
    • Keep Victorians safe by staying alert on health hazards and taking protective action when needed
    • Fair, safe and easy access to vaccines for all Victorians
    • Make planned surgery more available
    • Support Victorians to make healthy decisions about their wellbeing
  • Care closer to home – Finding new ways to deliver as much health care in local communities and our homes so Victorians can get the care they need when they need it, wherever they live.
    • Plan and deliver major upgrades to hospitals and other health facilities
    • Provide health and mental health services closer to home
    • Explore new and different ways for people to receive health care and support at home
  • Keep improving care – Using data, evidence and insights to develop and deliver safer, more innovative, treatments and care.
    • Fund initiatives that make our health system safer and improve patient outcomes
    • Deliver new and innovative mental health and wellbeing services
    • Improve publicly run residential facilities so older Victorians are receiving the best care
    • Focus on delivering the most important projects for a new and improved mental health system
    • Support and invest in our paramedics, ambulances and health services to deliver timely and effective emergency care
  • Improve Aboriginal health and wellbeing – Aboriginal people in Victoria have access to culturally safe care to keep them and their families safe, healthy and well.
    • Design and deliver healthcare by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people
    • Deliver care that is culturally safe, appropriate and responsive to Aboriginal people's needs
    • Embed cultural safety across our whole health system, including how we train our healthcare workers

System priorities

  • Moving from competition to collaboration – All parts of the health system working together and with consumers and their carers to improve health outcomes and the experience.
    • Action key projects to make our health system better
    • Work together with national bodies and other states and territories to improve the health system
    • Lead the health response to the COVID-19 pandemic in partnership with national arrangements and the sector
    • Support health services to learn from one another and work together to improve coordinated care for Victorians
  • A stronger workforce – Recruit and train more public health and healthcare workers, and make changes to better support those already working in it.
    • Recruit and train healthcare workers especially in areas where we need them most
    • Introduce and provide ongoing support for initiatives that help look after our healthcare workers' health, safety and wellbeing
  • A health system you can count on – Working closely with our partners to deliver a safe and sustainable healthcare system now and into the future.
    • Look at better ways to source and buy the equipment and supplies our health system needs
    • Explore how we can deliver care more effectively and in a more sustainable way
    • Work with our healthcare partners to ensure we are managing and using available funding in the most effective way
    • Continue to train, support and empower our health services to improve the safety and quality of the care they deliver


  • Value – Make the best use of resources to deliver great health outcomes
  • Partnering in health – Decisions about health involve consumers, professionals, families, carers, and communities as partners
  • Equity in health care – All Victorians can access culturally safe care and expect positive health outcomes

Reviewed 31 August 2022

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