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National Certification of Medical Laboratory Workforce

A national professional certification scheme for the medical laboratory science profession in Australia has come into effect. The Australian Council for the Certification of the Medical Laboratory Scientific Workforce (CMLS) is a not for profit company established to administer the voluntary certification scheme.

See the CMLS website for more information and to join now.

You will need to upload

  • A certificate of primary qualification
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) record – PDF copy of your most recent CPD certificate. Provisional certification can be applied for if you do not have a current CPD record.
  • Declaration of competency assessment and experience (downloadable from the website) signed by your employer.

Why become certified?

  • This can be seen as a first step towards ensuring only high calibre practitioners are employed in our laboratories, demanding recognition of our professional standing as part of Australia’s health service workforce. 
  • Certification will be the best benchmark available to assure competent professional practice.
  • With a certified workforce there will be more obligation on the employer to ensure staff have professional development opportunities afforded to them.
  • As a nationally certified laboratory scientist you can demonstrate your ongoing commitment to professional development and self-improvement and be recognised as passionate, progressive and pro-active.

This scheme is the closest we as an industry have got to greater recognition and professionalism with unification of the different professional associations.

Blood Matters is committed to providing support and education to assist in the early stages of this scheme, if you require any assistance or have any questions feel free to contact Rae French at or by phone on 03 9694 3524

Reviewed 18 November 2021


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