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The Specialist certificate in blood management foundations and the Graduate certificate in transfusion practice

Key messages

  • The University of Melbourne have advised Blood Matters that they will not be offering the Specialist Certificate in Blood Management Foundations and Graduate Certificate in Transfusion Practice in 2020.
  • Blood Matters are currently exploring other means to offer the course.

Course descriptions

Specialist Certificate in Blood Management

A foundation training course for health care professionals who work in areas where blood or blood products are transfused, patient blood management practices have or could be implemented, or for those staff members responsible for managing organisational compliance with National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Blood Management Standard 7 and associated activities. Delivered online, part time over 12 weeks, it is comprised of a 25 point subject (Foundations in Blood Management) and is a pathway into the Graduate Certificate in Transfusion Practice.

Graduate Certificate in Transfusion Practice

The Graduate Certificate builds on skills and knowledge developed in the Specialist Certificate to cultivate an understanding of advanced concepts in blood management. Delivered online, part time over 13 weeks, it incorporates the Specialist Certificate plus a further two 12.5 point subjects.

This course is endorsed by:
International Society of Blood Transfusion

Semester 1

  • Foundations in Blood Management
  • This subject provides an introduction to the concepts of patient blood management (PBM), & NSQHS Standards relating to blood. The subject supports the development of specific skills, and provides information to assist health services to meet these standards.

Semester 2

  • Advanced Concepts in Blood Management

This subject builds on the knowledge and expertise gained in the Foundations in Blood Management subject to provide advanced knowledge of relevant clinical practice guidelines and PBM strategies.

  • Quality Practice Portfolio

This is a practical subject that embeds prior learnings by facilitating the application of knowledge and skills to the clinical setting.


Enquires about blood management and transfusion education can be emailed to Blood Matters

Reviewed 21 September 2023


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