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Occupational violence and aggression eLearning modules

The department has developed four interactive eLearning modules for health service staff. The eLearning modules align with the elements of core training outlined in the Guide for violence and aggression training in Victorian health services.

The eLearning modules include topics such as risk assessment, de-escalation techniques, Code Grey and Code Black roles and responsibilities and reporting incidents. The four modules form part of one training package and they should be completed in order.

Module 1: OVA: Reading the signsExternal Link

Module 2: OVA: Working togetherExternal Link

Module 3: OVA: Respond to incidentsExternal Link

Module 4: OVA: Put it all togetherExternal Link

Post-incident support eLearning module for health service managers

The eLearning moduleExternal Link provides tips and guidance on supporting staff after an incident of OVA. It takes about 45 minutes to complete and includes audio-visual material and assessment questions.

Training principles

The Department of Health's Guide for violence and aggression training in Victorian health services provides training principles based on a tiered approach for different staff groups. These best-practice training principles will support consistency in training across the state.

The guide was developed using literature reviews of standards for developing occupational violence and aggression training in emergency and mental health.

Training evaluation framework

The department has developed an evaluation framework (Evaluating occupational violence and aggression training: framework for health services) to help health services assess the effectiveness of their training, and whether it meets the department's training principles.

Reviewed 16 April 2024


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