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Many health services have made progress to address occupational violence and aggression. This section will provide a forum to share information and resources so that health services can draw upon the good work of their colleagues.


Enhanced communication with patients and visitors about their care and hospital processes has been shown to significantly improve patient experiences. Two resources - Improving communication with patients and visitors in the emergency department factsheet and Improving the patient experience in emergency - provide examples about how to improve the patient experience and decrease the risk of violence by providing clearer communication about what a patient can expect while in the emergency department.


Melbourne Health's resource The management of clinical aggression: rapid emergency department intervention outlines development and implementation of their MOCA-REDI training framework.

Western Health's risk calculator assesses training needs relating to the prevention and remediation of occupational violence in the workplace. The risk calculator is presented in One size does not fit all.

St Vincent Health's strategy for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their staff is presented in Emergency response: a strategy for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our staff.

Reviewed 16 April 2024


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