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Post-incident response aims to reduce or prevent negative consequences of occupational violence and aggression (OVA). OVA may cause a person to experience physical, behavioural, cognitive and emotional reactions. This may occur as a direct result of violence and aggression, or indirectly, if a person is a witness to an incident of violence and aggression.

Responses to violence and aggression will vary depending on the nature and severity of the incident; however, responses should be coordinated and follow an endorsed procedure that has been widely communicated to all staff.

The Department of Health and Human Services resource Occupational violence incident response: managing incidents in public health services provides healthcare workers and health managers with a best-practice framework for implementing consistent and integrated approaches to reporting and responding to OVA in Victorian public healthcare settings. It offers guidance and support materials for effectively reporting OVA incidents both internally and to the police.

Worksafe Victoria resource

A guide for employers: preventing and responding to work-related violenceExternal Link

Reviewed 16 February 2017


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