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The Department of Health and Human Services requires all Victorian public health services to have a policy or procedure in place that defines their organisational Code Grey response. Additionally, health services need to have an emergency alert of Code Grey that is separate from Code Black. While local arrangements will vary, Code Grey policies and procedures must align with the principles and minimum standards outlined in the department’s Code Grey Standards.

Consistent implementation of Code Grey responses is vital to prevent and respond appropriately to occupational violence and aggression in Victorian public healthcare services. Updated Code Grey standards are now available. These standards, released in September 2017, have been developed following extensive sector wide consultation and independent review by Aspex Consulting. The updated standards will support consistent implementation of Code Grey standards across Victorian health services.

As part of the review, Aspex Consulting were commissioned to ascertain health services’ compliance with current Code Grey and Code Black standards and identify areas for improvement in the organisational management of responses. The Aspex Consulting Review of Code Grey and Code Black Final Report Executive Summary provides an overview of their findings and recommendations.

Weapons management in Victorian health services: principles and guidelines assists health services to develop appropriate policies and procedures for the management of weapons in healthcare settings. It provides practical guidance on health services' obligations, prevention measures, operational matters, documentation and reporting, cooperation with police, and key elements to be included in health services' policies.

Reviewed 16 April 2024


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